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Helping others help themselves

This website is dedicated to making all information about COVID-19 and resources for the community easily accessible to people. As a community, we can fight this virus through our support for each other and our front-line healthcare workers and local organizations working for the common good. Together, lets make Fremont strong. 



Compassionate Hours

Local grocery stores have specific times available for shoppers who fit their criteria

Help for seniors

Local Non-profits are currently helping seniors through meals on wheels programs, essential services, and more

Community services

Fremont government services are offered to help the homeless and the needy


Have any restaurant or organization suggestions who are offering free meals? Click on the button below.

Do you have a 3D printer or other materials to make protective gear?

Help make face shields, protective gear, and other equipment to help healthcare professionals and others who desperately need them! Register here to volunteer to make masks, face shields, surgical gowns, and more! We are creating a network of makers and if you are interested, please register below! Please sign up to be a member on our forum, where we will expand the community and make it easier for makers to contact each other.

The face shield design is based on the one created by Prusa3D. Here is the link:

Currently, health care workers are using homemade masks and gowns to protect themselves, so it will still be helpful if we homemake gear for them.

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